Public Spending Cuts


The Labour Party is enjoying taking part in the various protests against the Conservative / Lib Dem cuts. It politicians are doing this despite the fact that they had published plans for their own cuts. Alistair Darling stated when asked how his cuts would compare with the cuts of Margaret Thatcher: "They will be deeper and tougher – where we make the precise comparison I think is secondary to an acknowledgement that these reductions will be tough."

Labour AM Jane Davidson stated at their recent party conference in Llandudno "Absolutely Labour would have inflicted pain because we had to manage the deficit reduction". Isn't that exactly what the Tories are now saying?

Like many of their other policies it seems that when the Tories do it, it's bad... when Labour do more or less the same thing, it's fair.

The cuts in public spending are Labour planned and ConDem implemented!

The Labour Westminster Government's budget for 2009 made it clear that Wales would receive a cut in its funding. The Wales Audit Office estimated that under Labour plans, the Welsh budget would be reduced by £3bn over a 3 year period.

In power they were sitting down for Wales, in opposition they're shouting from their recliners.