Harold Wilson said in his 1961 Labour Party Conference speech "The Labour Party is a moral crusade or it is nothing". It seems that the answer is that it is nothing.

Labour are the 'friends' who are never there when you need them. Labour was the friend that the people of Wales turned to for nearly a hundred years when faced with adversity. Through strikes, recession, the Thatcher years the people sought comfort from their natural political home.

But given the opportunity to implement real and lasting improvements to the lives of its loyal supporters, Labour has been the friend that offers warm words in opposition, but is never there when you really need them, when they actually have the power to deliver for you.

After 13 years in power The Labour Party is now back in its comfort zone, out of office at Westminster, enjoying what it loves to do best – attack the Tories. Why not? There is much to attack the Tories for when it comes to our public services and our economy. But do Labour have any real credibility when it comes to attacking the Tories on these issues?

The Labour Party are hoping that people will simply forget the terrible job they did in power at Westminster and the cuts they would have implemented had they not been kicked out by the electorate. Labour's recent history is marked by a series of  of opportunities wasted by Labour in government, the things they could have done, and were supposed to fight for, but never did. 

Where were Labour?  Sitting down for Wales.